10 Creative Names for your Mini Schnauzer

four mini schnauzers

Naming your pet can be an anxious time for a new owner – once you pick a name, it sticks for the rest of your pet’s existence. When choosing the names for my two dogs, I wanted something that fit their personality, as well as their physical persona. Looking back, I was ten at the time and chose Buddy; nothing special but it had special meaning to me. It is important when picking a name to choose something with personal significance. Whether it’s a deeper meaning or something you’ve always liked, a name needs to feel the fit. I have personally concocted this list of Schnauzer names that I would choose if 10 mini schnauzers were dropped off at my door.



Artemis, the name of the Greek god of hunting – in my mind, it sounds like the name of a bearded beefcake riding a stallion off into a valley of flowers and dandelions. Even though it’s primarily a feminine name, I think it works either way. When I think of the name, I think of a powerful, majestic beast which is a Schnauzer. Their persona is full of poise and appears quite sophisticated, similar to the sound of the name. In reality, the name is associated with butchery and hunting – while Schnauzers are quite friendly, they’re energetic, goofy goobers. The name fits their appearance as they look like they are bred from the Upper East Side – as for attitudes, they aren’t butchers but always hunting for their humans’ love.


Bartholomew is an old-fashioned medieval name bestowed upon many of European origin. I think it’s a nice fit for the Schnauzer breed because of how classic their appearance is. Their long luscious beards give church leaders of the twelfth-century energy, and the name itself is a sweet release of the medieval times era. In addition, an incentive to name your pet Bartholomew is that it’s a dope name – you’ll be naming your pet after an apostle, mazel tov! 

Master Shifu

The first time I saw a Schnauzer when I was a child, my initial thought was, “it has the same beard as Master Shifu” so, from that day forward, I have always associated the breed with the lovable character from Kung Fu Panda. Master Shifu is a cesspool of wisdom, dumplings, and Kung fu knowledge. I would advise with this name chosen to enroll your Schnauzer in doggie martial arts classes, as an honorable way of appreciating the soup dumpling baller.


Put a pointy hat on the dog and tell me it doesn’t look like Gandalf. The 24,000-year-old wizard is a perfect representation of the Schnauzer breed itself – a gray, long beard with the appearance of an intellectual, magical being. Gandalf is also good at creating allies, taking control of the land, and understanding how to help the people Gandalf has come across. Schnauzer’s behavior is quite similar in a metaphorical sense. Schnauzers build connections with their humans, sustain a sort of territory within the living area, as well as assist humans with emotional stress. Please take this opportunity to name your pet after a majestic Hobbit character, it might be your only chance to do so.


Schnauzers have an appearance of sophistication, and I imagine them being primarily owned by British folks. I have personally always wanted to name a pretty pooch “Pubes” just so I can yell (in British) “Pubes… fetch the paper!” There is no true significance to Pubes other than the satisfaction of calling your pet’s name in a British accent.


If you’re looking for a name just based on physical appearance, Mop is the way to go. If your schnauzer’s hair is gray you have hit the jackpot with this name. Mop is a unique name, some may say it’s not a name at all rather an object. I beg to differ – Mop is camp. Mop is an object that picks up all the dirt from the ground, your schnauzer will pick up the pieces of your heart. The name Mop has more of a personal representation of how your schnauzer has your back. Mop is love, Mop is life.


If you are an avid Harry Potter fan, unlike myself – Hagrid might be the perfect name for your Schnauzer. Hagrid is a beloved friendly character from the series, always welcoming the characters with his friendly attitude. Schnauzers generally have furry beards in resemblance to Hagrid and kind characteristics. Hagrid is also the rock for many characters in Harry Potter – always at assistance in times where Harry (main character) would need emotional support. Your schnauzer will also be the mold that holds your manic emotions together. 


Schnauzers are generally known to be a bit attached to their owners. They’re loving and sweet but can get a little clingy. Velcro is a good representation of the breed’s emotional attachment issues. You are likely to never have a moment alone again since your Schnauzer will be right by your side at every moment… even when you are on the toilet. Velcro is a great outside-the-box type of name, so if you’re trying to be “quirky” this is probably the right name for your pet. 

Jason Momoa

Aquaman – that’s it. That’s the entire reason. He’s Jason Momoa.


Kevin is the name of the happy side character in the main cast of a sitcom television series. Friendly, just existing, just Kevin. Kevin’s are the backbone of every friend group because their existence is usually the punchline. We all love Kevin, but sometimes Kevin gets on everyone’s nerves. Schnauzers are the Kevins of the dog breeds. They’re friendly, happy, kinda annoying, but inherently have a good heart. 


Now that you have set your eyes on the glorious list of name options, you are probably wondering who in their right mind would choose any of these names? A legend, that’s who. It is important when picking your pet’s name to not lose sight of what it means to you. When I named my two dogs, Buddy and Princess – once again, I was 10, I declared their names based on a vibe – I did not put too much thought into it. So when the time comes to choosing your life-long friend’s name, choose based on what feels right. Or you can pick Kevin… it’s a great name!

Sophie Habibion
Sophie Habibion

Hi, my name is Sophie! I've been a dog owner for 10+ years. I have two dogs a peek-a-poo mix and a teddy bear mix who are the sweetest cuddliest beings. I find great joy in being able to show my creative outlets through writing